"The gamification" is also a good way to support a education and awarness program...

About Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Job! The NIST said: "The data clearly and consistently shows that em-ployees are the greatest vulnerability of any organization... Leaders must embrace cybersecurity education, awareness and best practices."

Source: https://www.nist.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2018/10/15/cybersecurity_is_everyones_job_v1.0.pdf

We said: What interests me most in my role is being able to deliver a service to organizations by raising awareness among their staff so that they can improve their risk management.

Weaknesses are numerous and threats are immediate because our ecosystem is complex, the competition global and industrial espionage is a reality. The concept of risk – which exists in all the spheres of our life: whether personal or professional – is present across all lines of business: financial, healthcare, food, technology, environmental, etc.

Why focus on the human factor? Because in a company, 95% of incidents/accidents are human-induced. With our P4R4risk training aid, we decided to de-mystify the complex concepts of risk management in a board game.

At the start of a training session, the participants smile and show curiosity when they discover we’re playing a “game”. Thanks to this simple and interactive approach we instantly capture 70% of their attention. Together, we define the differences between risks, weaknesses and threats. We also explain how to tackle these! Placing the participants in real-life situations encourages interaction between them. They exchange views and question themselves. Thus, they understand quicker and assimilate more easily the attitudes they should adopt.

They become more alert to risk situations that could jeopardize the company and are better able to make the right decisions.

Finally, our entire P4R4risk aid is customizable. From adding your logo to the slogan of your awareness-raising campaign and, of course, to the adaptation of the risk scenarios according to your business line and management style.

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